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Healthy Typing Inc. also offers group courses and bulk rates to organizations seeking treatment for multiple employees.

Repetitive Stress Injuries Cost American Businesses $13-$20 Billion Annually

Repetitive stress injuries cost American employers between $13 and $20 billion annually in workers’ compensation claims and more than $100 billion in lost work, reduced productivity and rehabilitation time. In less than 30 years, the number of repetitive stress injuries has grown from 23,800 to 332,000 cases per year — a fourteen — fold increase. And the number keeps growing.

It may come as a surprise but the leading cause of workplace injuries sits right in front of you: your computer keyboard and mouse. This fact, however, does not surprise workers’ compensation providers. Insurers report that 20% to 30% of all new workers compensation claims are related to repetitive stress injuries, mostly in the form of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, the number one work-related disability in America.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a painfully debilitating injury that affects 7 out of every 100 workers. The average claim costs more than $14,000 and claims for surgery can easily cost more than $30,000 each, not to mention the physical risks and side effects involved. Add in an average of 20 days of lost work per claim, the cost of hiring replacement workers, and the inconvenience of repeatedly swapping workers, many of which are crucial members of one or more project groups, and the extent of the damage to productivity RSI causes becomes clear.

Source: US Department of Labor

Healthy Typing Helps You Save Money and Keep Your Employees Healthy

Healthy Typing Inc. offers organizations and businesses group courses, consulting, and bulk discounts to make preventing and treating repetitive stress injuries from typing affordable.

Through group courses and consulting, Healthy Typing Consultants will help you prevent injuries from typing and numerous other repetitive tasks in the workplace. In other words, one small investment could potentially save you millions in lost work, productivity, and Workers’ Compensation claims.

The MoveRight System for Healthy Typing is based on techniques that have been in use for over 40 years. They are formed from decades of anatomical and biomechanical studies, federally funded studies, and are endorsed by several leading members of the medical community.

Healthy Typing In-House Consultations Are Superior to Anything Else on the Market

* Unlike doctors, Healthy Typing Consultants work with clients onsite, where they can best analyze the situation and pinpoint the exact causes of the injury.

* Ergonomic equipment and medical devices such as wrist braces are expensive to upkeep and often do more harm than good. These items do nothing to treat the problem, and the longer an employee waits to seek treatment, the longer and more expensive it becomes. The employee’s pain and discomfort will continue to worsen until he can no longer perform his duties, and may even need to go off on disability.

* Many Healthy Typing clients experience an improvement in work efficiency, productivity, and concentration because they no longer need to take breaks from their computers to ease the pain of their repetitive stress injury from typing.

* After learning Healthy Typing techniques, clients often report an increase in typing speed without injury, pain, or fatigue.

* Healthy Typing Inc. is open to partnering with healthcare providers to improve the outcomes and costs of their current workers’ compensation and rehabilitation programs.

For more information on Healthy Typing Consulting solutions, contact us at sales@healthytyping.com.

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