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Freedom from repetitive stress injury.


Healthy Typing's MoveRight System uses techniques originally developed for concert pianists. These techniques can address typing injuries and typing pain. Permanently.

Identify and Treat the Cause of Typing Injuries, Not Just the Symptoms

If you’ve tried ergonomic equipment, wrist braces and other products only to be disappointed, you’re not alone. These products do virtually nothing to help your typing injury. In fact, you can complicate your typing injuries by fighting against these products. And since your typying injury isn’t being treated, it just gets worse until it interferes with your life and possibly irreversible and untreatable damage. You can’t afford to go without the use of your hands and fingers!

Healthy Typing specialists identify harmful finger, hand, and arm motions, which when repeated frequently can cause repetitive stress injuries. Signs include wrist pain from typing, hand pain, or finger pain should alert you to the need for a change. Healthy Typing retrains you to type in a healthy way, reducing pain and fatigue permanently.

Many Healthy typing clients report less pain and fatigue as early as the first session.

There are no hospital stays, isolation gloves, wrist supports, or specially designed keyboards. Instead, you learn why you’re experiencing the pain and discomfort and how to reduce or eliminate your typing injuries through our VIDEO LESSONS, or PRIVATE IN-PERSON LESSONS.

Techniques Trusted For More Than 40 Years

Pianists probably rely on their keyboarding abilities more than practitioners of any other profession, so they need to work diligently to prevent and treat repetitive stress injury. To combat this, they’ve relied on the Taubman Approach for over half a century.

Healthy Typing experts use similar principles to help others type and complete repetitive tasks without pain, discomfort, fatigue or injury. This unique method is based on decades of anatomical and biomechanical studies, and is recommended by numerous doctors and experts, who have all been impressed with the results of the MoveRight System.

An Experienced and Internationally Recognized Consulting Team

Healthy Typing was founded by Julliard graduate Edna Golandsky, an established pianist and pedagogue with over 30 years experience treating and curing RSIs. In fact, Dorothy Taubman, the creator of the Taubman Approach, named Golandsky ‘the leading authority on the Taubman Approach’, which Edna has improved and adapted for computer users.

Edna is part of an international network of specialists and chairs an annual conference at Princeton University. Her work has been covered by numerous leading publications including the New York Times, LA Times, Star Ledger, and the Boston Globe.

She currently teaches one-on-one and group sessions. Contact the MoveRight specialists to find out more.

So Safe Anyone Can Use the Program

Anyone suffering from pain, fatigue, and discomfort due to repetitive stress injuries will benefit from the MoveRight System. Our specialists have cured children, teens, adults and the elderly with varying degrees of pain and fatigue. Even patients with injuries so severe they couldn’t open a jar or turn a doorknob have experienced relief with the MoveRight System. In addition to improving the ability of computer users, we’ve also helped pianists, woodwind players, string players, percussionists, and many others eliminate the pain and improve their abilities.

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