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I spend many hours every day at the computer keyboard. I began experiencing stiffness in my fingers, pain in my wrist and back [and] also pain in my fifth finger on my left hand. The pain increased with the number of hours that I spent at the computer terminal. Professor Durso [Bob Durso, Healthy Typing Specialist] offered to help me by teaching me...
Marcelo Llarull, PhD William Paterson University Professor of Mathematics

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Learning to Type: What You Need to Know That Others Won’t Tell You

Did you know most people never learn the right way to type, even if they’ve had a typing teacher? Learning to type the healthy way is vital to preventing potentially crippling injuries. That’s right. Typing may seem simple and effortless, but it’s this thought that makes it so dangerous. Too many of us underestimate the amount of damage the seemingly harmless task of typing can do.

Poor Typing Education Leads to Serious Health Problems

When you think about it, it makes sense. Everything from emails and shopping t o searches requires the use of a keyboard. And considering how many times our fingers press a key and move around the keyboard and mouse, we could be making these harmful motions thousands of times per day, every day. This, in turn, causes the pain, fatigue, and numbness that could eventually steal the use of our fingers, hands, and arms.

These injuries seem to sneak up on us. It starts with fatigue, tension, and discomfort, which are actually warning signs sent out by our body to tell us we’re harming ourselves. Left untreated, they eventually turn into numbness, tingling, nagging pain and carpal tunnel syndrome or other serious injury. If we continue to aggravate our injuries with the same incorrect repetitive motions, these symptoms can turn into focal dystonia, a serious neurological disorder that causes you to lose control of a finger, multiple fingers, or even your entire hand. It sounds horrible, and unfortunately, it happens more often than you think.

According to the US Department of Labor, 20-30% of all new Workers’ Compensation claims are related to repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Also, 7 out of every 100 employees suffer with carpal tunnel syndrome, many of whom undergo a $30,000 surgery that is risky, inconvenient, and will not even prevent future damage.

Where Traditional Typing Classes Go Wrong

The first typing lesson students are often taught involves placing your fingers on the home row (asdf jkl; ). This forces you to curl your index, middle, and ring fingers to line up with your pinky and thumb, which leads to fatigue and tension. Your fingers, wrists, and forearms tighten, making it difficult for them to move. When this is combined with any of the other 5 causes of typing injury (link to article), you may feel pain.

(Incorrect Finger Position — Home Row Curling – Screenshot From Healthy Typing Video)

(Correct Finger Position — Natural Curved Home Row Position With No Curling And No Over-Straightening – Screenshot From Healthy Typing Video)

The mistakes made by traditional typing methods don’t stop there either. Typing instructors then have you memorize where the keys are, and evaluate you on how fast and accurately you can get from one key to another. But, they don’t show you how to correctly move your fingers, hand, and forearm between the keys, which is where people usually hurt themselves! This is why, even with a perfect ergonomic setup, which is important, you can still get injured.

Other treatments such as physical therapy, medications, massage, braces, and even surgery, can only provide temporary relief at best. The pain can return once you start typing again. In fact, wrist rests, ergonomic keyboards, and splints can actually worsen your injury.

People often think typing injuries come from overuse, but they’re actually caused by misuse. If you repeat the same incorrect typing movements enough times, you risk getting hurt.

You need to learn the root causes of injuries. Then, you need to learn how to correct them.

That is the only cure.

Stopping Typing Pain

To learn how to type without pain, use the Healthy Typing Video or private sessions with a MoveRight System Certified Specialist. Then, if you want more practice knowing where the keys are, you can use a typing software program. The two work together hand-in-hand. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing you won’t get hurt or lose the use of your hands in the future.

Other products and services are expensive and don’t give you the results you need. The MoveRight System is based on years of anatomic and biometric studies in addition to being endorsed by leading members of the medical profession. We get right at the causes of your pain and discomfort and show you how to get rid of them forever.

This is just the start to preventing pain and discomfort associated with typing. To learn more, watch the complete Healthy Typing Video.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this website, while endorsed by many doctors, were not developed using formal medical training. This video is not a critique of standard computer keyboards and handheld devices, but rather, a discussion of ways to use them more efficiently.

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