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Client Testimonials

Many Healthy Typing clients are so satisfied with the results of the MoveRight System that they write thank-you letters following treatment. The following are excerpts from some of these letters:

"In December of 1996, my hands closed into fists as result of an injury called dystonia. Dystonia is considered by the medical profession to have no cure. At the time of the injury I was in my second year of college and practicing five to eight hours a day despite a lot of pain. As the symptoms of dystonia began to show, I felt that the more I practiced..."

Barbara Banacos
Piano Teacher

"She really understood everything so quickly, and was able to even anticipate some of the pains and symptoms I hadn't told her about. I went from being afraid that I'd need surgery to feeling that I had an intelligent, understanding and patient teacher who could work with me."

Marsha Hoch
Executive Coach

"I had been experiencing pain in my hands, wrists, and forearms that was diagnosed by a specialist as tendonitis. Though the pain had started as a minor annoyance, it quickly escalated to the point where I could no longer do my work, which involves many hours each day at a computer and considerable amounts of data entry. At one point, I had taken 5 straight..."

Richard Herrick
Citi Habitats (formerly a division of Cendant Corp.)
Real Estate Agent

"Tendonitis in my hands and forearms made typing extremely painful. Multiple visits to doctors and surgeons as well as several months of physical therapy brought little relief. Nevertheless, in just a few sessions, Edna [Edna Golandsky, Healthy Typing Inc. Founder] trained me to type in a different way that significantly alleviated the pain."

Lehman Brothers
Vice President
Fixed Income Division

"Speaking from my background in medicine and neuroscience, I can say that the Taubman approach is an incredibly detailed method that speaks directly to muscular coordination, motor learning, and cognitive restructuring toward the elimination and prevention of strain injuries. This has been noticeable in my typing, which used to cause me discomfort equal..."

Aaron Berkowitz, M.A.
Harvard University, 4th Year PhD Candidate
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, 4th Year MD Candidate

"I spend many hours every day at the computer keyboard. I began experiencing stiffness in my fingers, pain in my wrist and back [and] also pain in my fifth finger on my left hand. The pain increased with the number of hours that I spent at the computer terminal. Professor Durso [Bob Durso, Healthy Typing Specialist] offered to help me by teaching me..."

Marcelo Llarull, PhD
William Paterson University
Professor of Mathematics

"I first studied with Edna [Edna Golandsky, Healthy Typing Inc. Founder] a little over 20 years ago. The lessons were then, as now, revelations, both technically and musically. Unfortunately, at the time other interests drew me away from the piano, but I've been working with Edna now since Nov. 2005, and my progress is intoxicating. She's just a delight..."

Jose Rodriguez
New York City Department of Transportation
Database Administrator

"I developed burning and tingling sensations in my right hand shortly after beginning a new position that required me to type for several hours a day. The pain lasted for a few months and my family doctor recommended anti-inflammatory medications and suspected that I had developed possible nerve damage. She recommended that I see a specialist immediately...."

Jennifer Phillips
ACC Distribution
Sales & Marketing Assistant

"After watching her [Edna Golandsky, Healthy Typing Inc. Founder] lectures and demonstrations I realized I had found something phenomenal and after a few lessons my realization was confirmed. Edna's analytical ability surpasses anything I have encountered and her insight into piano technique and musical artistry liberates the performer. Her work helps..."

Ilya Itin
Concert Pianist
1st Prize, BBC TV Audience Award,
and Contemporary Music Prize,
1996 Leeds Int'l Piano Competition
1st Prize and Chopin Prize,
1991 Robert Casadesus International
Piano Competition
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