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Medical Professional

Many members of the medical establishment have come in contact with the MoveRight System for Healthy Typing, either as clients or due to a desire to find a superior solution for RSI sufferers. The following are excerpts from selected letters submitted by medical professionals who have written about their findings:

"It is apparent that avoiding injury at the computer, or with any repetitive stress, can be maximized by applying the MoveRight principles. As a physician, it is clear that this approach emphasizes the soundest of principles related to movement."

Stanley G. Rockson, M.D.
Stanford University School of Medicine

"I don't know of any other approach that addresses the problem of pain and injuries like the Taubman approach does. This is an approach that goes to the root of the matter: the problem movements that cause the injury. This work is a kind of physical therapy, because the focus is on correct alignment and healthy, coordinate movements that will not hurt..."

Karin Boisvert, M.D.

"I am a physician with a strong scientific background in research and it makes perfect sense to me that any repetitive and demanding motions which can be effected with putting the least if any stress into those motions and still get the job done with even greater efficiency, is something of great value and importance. My wife Paula, a classically trained..."

Leo Gorelkin, M.D.

"Impressive results with the Taubman approach in relieving and preventing injuries is a gross understatement and Edna Golandsky [Healthy Typing Inc. Founder] and Mary Moran [Healthy Typing Specialist] are two of the world's leading Taubman method experts."

Jerry Titel, M.D., M.B.A.
J.H. Titel Consultants
Founding Member

"Not only can I now practice [piano] for unlimited periods of time without experiencing any discomfort, but piano playing seems so much easier and more enjoyable. Moreover, I have been able to extend my knowledge and the learned principles to my own dental practice thus avoiding cramping of the fingers and hands which afflict so many of my colleagues."

Uri Hangorsky, D.D.S.
University of Pennsylvania Dental School
Associate Dean

"I [have] talked to many individuals who had incapacitating use injuries and had not received any benefit from consultations with neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists and those dealing in alternative approaches such as acupuncture. It is remarkable how many of these individuals had crushingly disappointing experiences with medical and..."

H. Franklin Bunn, M.D.
Harvard Medical School

"Edna'a straightforward and scientific approach, as well as her ability to view each person and situation as unique, have been enormously helpful in my work at the computer. My work as a Diagnostic Radiologist now involves being at the computer, working with a mouse, keyboard, and automated dictation system for the majority of the workday. I used to..."

Renna Whittredge Pye, M.D.


"Though there is the need for supervision at the beginning of retraining, the skills Mr. Bloomfield teaches are relatively easy to learn and retain. In addition, this program is much less costly and time-consuming than the current medical treatments available. As opposed to surgical remediation or steroid injections, technical retraining is also completely..."

Cynthia A. Rose, R.N.

"Two years ago I realized I had developed mild trigger finger in both my fifth fingers, as well the start of a contracture in my right hand fourth finger. The way I used the mouse was also aggravating the contracture in my 4th finger, and so I've been learning a new technique with the mouse, and that's going very well."

Sky Vanderlinde, R.N.
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