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Dynamic Postural Analysis of a Movement Retraining Method Used in Prevention and Rehabilitation of Computer Keyboard Related Musculoskeletal Disorders

(A Federally Funded Study Courtesy of the Office Ergonomics Research Committee)


This pilot study by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory researchers described computer use habits following movement retraining of eighteen subjects using methods based on the Taubman Approach, a piano pedagogical system previously shown to decrease risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders in pianists. All subjects were touch typists who had reported computer related musculoskeletal disorders and who had completed movement retraining a minimum of six months prior to the study. The subjects were retrained by methods developed by individuals with extensive experience in the Taubman pianist retraining approach. All subjects reported unproblematic return to occupational computer use of four or more hours daily following movement retraining and attributed their rehabilitation to this retraining. A qualitative analysis of videotapes of the subjects doing their normal computer tasks showed that all subjects exhibited similar typing styles. They seemed to be relaxed while working, with postures and work styles consistent with current ergonomic recommendations. The authors conclude that the observed features suggest that movement retraining-in particular Taubman based movement retraining-may decrease risk factors for work related musculoskeletal disorders and therefore warrants further study.


W.A. Pereira, P. Tittiranonda, S.R. Burastero, Ergonomic Analysis of Movement Retraining of Computer Users: A Pilot Study, International Ergonomics Association XIVth Triennial Congress and Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 44th Annual Meeting, San Diego, California, 2000

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