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Freedom from repetitive stress injury.

Cure Typing Pain

"After adjusting my keyboard position and working at applying the principles of proper finger, hand, wrist, and arm movement that you showed me, the pain has decreased steadily and dramatically and I have been able to resume working full-time. I can't thank you enough!"

Richard Herrick
Citi Habitats
Real Estate Agent

Stop painful typing. Purchase our video lessons to cure typing pain and restore typing speed and comfort.

Price: $40

Video length: 44 minutes Bonus material length: 42 minutes of real lesson footage to address your typing pain and typing injuries
> Pain from repetitive stress injuries and carpal tunnel will not got away on its own and will get worse leading to loss of movement in hands and fingers.
> Avoid expensive and intrusive surgical solutions.
> No need to buy expensive gadgets or supports.
> No need to buy special keyboards or rests.
> "MoveRight” addresses the underlying biomechanical causes for typing pain eliminating it forever. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
> Before you purchase, view a brief free excerpt from our "MoveRight" process below:

Topics covered:

  • 6 primary causes of typing pain & typing injury:
    • Finger isolation
    • Curling
    • Stretching
    • Twisting
    • Broken wrist
    • Incorrect seat height
  • Monitor position
  • The forearm's crucial role in healthy typing
  • Healthy mouse use
  • Healthy typing on BlackBerry, iPhone, and other handheld devices
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